D’addario EXL120-7 7-Kielisen kitaran kielet 09-54

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XL Nickel Wound electric guitar strings are the standard against which all other strings are measured. Our best-belling electric set, XL Nickel has been revered by players everywhere since 1974. Made with a high carbon steel core and nickel-plated steel wrap wire, XL Nickel strings have a bright, versatile tone, ideal for a wide variety of musical styles. With its super flexibility and biting tone, this 09-54 Super Light set is one of D’Addario’s best selling 7-string sets.


  • Coating: Uncoated
  • Number Of Strings: 7
  • Set Type: Sets
  • Wrap Material: Nickel-Plated Steel
PL009 E 0.009 in 13.14 lbs
PL011 B 0.011 11.02
PL016 G 0.016 14.68
NW024 D 0.024 15.73
NW032 A 0.032 15.50
NW042 E 0.042 14.37
NW054 B 0.054 13.25


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