Darkglass X900 nuppi

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Microtubes X 900
Uncompromised precision, utmost control
A quest to be tackled relentlessly. Meticulously crafted with the
target of achieving exceptional power with unprecedented
precision, with no concessions or shortcuts.
We are proud to introduce the groundbreaking X900 amp.
Designed after the revered X series pedals, this amplifier sets a
new standard for accuracy and control.
Packed with a Class D 900-watt amplifier and an ultra-quiet
6-band graphic equalizer that can sculpt the tone from
aggressive and overdriven to crystal clear clean to suit
everyone’s needs.
The X distortion circuit allows users to select exactly what
frequencies they want to compress and saturate for the low and
treble, respectively.

Featuring MIDI for channel switching, and muting
programmability, impulse response cabinet simulation, with up to
three different storable virtual cabinets, auxiliary input, and
headphone output, offering unmatched versatility and control. A
true companion on musical touring.
Only 500 units will be available for this limited run.


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